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    Multisensor and Decision making

Photoplethysmography und Spectroscopy


We are highly specialized in non-invasive spectroscopic measurements and testing methods. Our products are innovative noninvasive devices for monitoring vital parameters and diagnostic equipment for early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. The company specializes in the development of innovative multi-sensors for non-invasive monitoring of vital parameters, allowing a fast and comprehensive diagnosis. The devices are primarily used to measure the fractional oxygen saturation and hemoglobin concentrations optically and non-invasively and carry out a comprehensive diagnosis, especially by cardiovascular disorders. The distribution of blood constituents in the tissue and the bioimpedance measurements allow further the early detection of various pathological tissue changes such as cancer.

Diseases of the cardiovascular system are unchanged at the forefront of disease requiring treatment and cause nationwide, more than half of all deaths. In the treatment of patients, the diagnosis is a priority. It has a great importance because the treatment and the further course to combat the disease are dependent on it. . A delayed or inaccurate diagnostic and side effects of a diagnosis may have significant consequences and may cost the lives of people.


Figure 1: Photoplethysmogram and low frequencies

photoplethysmography PPG (Figure 1) has by the calculation of vital parameters and the diagnosis of cardiovascular pathologies a central importance for the PMD.



Figure 2: ECG and low frequencies

PPG is measured with the new sensor both in transmission and in reflection at different locations.

 The PMD multisensor is used for monitoring of vital signs and prevention of many cardiorespiratory diseases . For both long-term as well as short-term monitoring (eg. in emergency medicine) of biosignal is the application of an adaptive filter indispensable (Figure 4)

 PPG- Piezo-Adaptive FilterungPPG- Piezo-Adaptive Filterung

Figure 4: PPG-signal snd Piezoel. signal for adaptive Filter

We have also a long experience with the non-invasive determination of glucose. We are developing a multi-sensor for in vivo measurement of glucose concentration. We have already presented numerous publications at international conferences. We also conduct research in the field of cancer.

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Photoplethysmography fori Diagnosis and Monitoring

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