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 Non-invasive Diagnosis

Products and  Services

Multisensors with Photoplethysmography Product portfolio


Fuzzy logik und Decision Making for Monitoring and Diagnosis


Decision Making

Through the joint efforts of our excellent team, we guarantee the highest quality of services and highest customer satisfaction.

 Know-how and technologies for customized mechatronic applications, especially in biomedical engineering and sensors

  •     Multisensor data fusion
  •     Tissue-light interaction
  •      Pulse Oximeter Sensors



There is cooperation with companies and specialists around the world:

  •      PUZ Munich
  •     Fraunhofer Institute, University of Stuttgart
  •     Corscience Erlangen
  •     OPTI Medical Systems USA
  •     Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT

 With the help of the use of the latest technologies and methods, we offer our customers future-oriented, individual solutions and selected products, including in medical technology. We offer advice on methods of spectroscopy and manufacture solutions for verscheidene tasks.

We have long experience in the measurement of hemoglobin and glucose concentrations. The methods we have used:

  •     Absorption spectroscopy
  •     Elastic scattering: Mie and Rayleigh scattering
  •     Inelastic scattering: Raman scattering
  •     Fluorescence Spectroscopy
  •     Impedance Spectroscopy

We also offer consulting and project management in the detection of biomarker for the detection of blood constituents and pathological changes.