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Oxygen is necessary for the life of tissue. Oxygen deficiency can cause irreversible damage to the brain cells after a few minutes. Therefore, the monitoring of oxygen saturation in the human tissue of great importance. Not only is it necessary to monitor the current oxygen saturation, but also any changes that also could cause a lack of oxygen later, as early as possible to detect and diagnose. The multisensor is multi pulse diagnostician called (PMD). The development is based on the idea that, characteristics and physiological parameters are detected by multiple sensors of the pulse signal can be output from the heartbeat or a pulse generator. From the measured variables other physiological parameters are detected and diagnosed cardiovascular disease non-invasively and easily in a short time by signal processing as well as time and frequency analysis. Data Fusion with Fuzzy Neural networks and optimization algorithms are used in the calculation of new parameters and for a meaningful diagnosis.
The PMD measurements and monitoring of the fractional oxygen saturation, hemoglobin concentration, heart rate, EKG, blood pressure and temperature are performed non-invasively. With other parameters such as breathing and heart rate turbulence signals a comprehensive diagnosis, especially in cardiovascular system diseases is made possible. In its full functionality, the PMD will enable great improvement in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation in medical technology and the health care system.
The PMD is composed of one or more Pulshemometer, an electrocardiograph (ECG) and a temperature sensor. The three modules are integrated together and inserted as a unit. Due to the construction of the product, the modules are also available separately according to need.
The device is used primarily to measure the fractional oxygen saturation and hemoglobin concentrations optical non-invasive and carry out a comprehensive diagnosis, especially in cardiovascular disorders.

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