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 Non-invasive Diagnosis

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Multisensors with Photoplethysmography Product portfolio


Fuzzy logik und Decision Making for Monitoring and Diagnosis


Decision Making

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We are by the development of a multi-sensor portfolio based on advanced photoplethysmography as biomarker for reliable non-invasive early diagnostic of cardiovascular and autonomic nervous system diseases as well as blood parameters monitoring applying Fuzzy Logic for data fusion. In view of the observations and speculations related to current diseases, it is essential to develop a robust prevention strategy and appropriate action plans. With the increasing popularity of the interventional approaches, there is very little attention to preventive medicine approaches and holistic management of chronic diseases. In addition, there are no simple noninvasive methods available to detect early signs of vascular diseases. Progress in microelectronics and computer technologies has opened many new possibilities and PPG sensing technology has been substantially improved. PPG signals can provide valuable information on heart function, respiration, vascular condition and nervous system.